Another application of nanofibers in the real life! The nanofiber based membrane RIFTELEN N15® for edible oil has been successfully launched and it is used by many edible oil producers nowadays. The membrane RIFTELEN N15® possesses several unique properties such as fast filtration, possibility of its reusing and saving of materials. In addition, it does not leave any aftertaste in the final product.



4th patent granted!

Pardam is proud to announce the granting of another patent!

Patent No. 306773

Precursor fiber designated for preparation of silica fibers, the method of manufacture thereof, the method of modification thereof and application thereof

Prekurzorové vlákno určené pro přípravu křemíkových vláken, způsob jeho výroby, způsob jeho modifikace a jeho použití





TechConnect Innovation Award received!

TechConnect Innovation Award received!

We are proud to announce our selection as a 2017 Tech Connect Innovation Awardee. The TechConnect Innovation Awards selects the top early-stage innovations from around the world through an industry review process of the top 20% of annually submitted technologies into the TechConnect Innovation Summit. Rankings are based on the potential positive impact the submitted technology will have on a specific industry sector.

You can learn more at: techconnectworld.com/World2017

This is a great news for us as we will present ourselves at the upcoming TechConnect World-National Innovation 2017 Summit held in Washington next month!



Czech Radio’s interview with Jana Růžičková

Czech Radio’s interview with Jana Růžičková

An interview from the Czech Radio’s series „How you see it“ with our R&D specialist Ing. Jana Růžičková, Ph.D. Jana explained what are nanofibers, she talked about their exceptional properties and the broad use of materials which are manufactured from them. The interview is in the Czech language.



Project co-funded by the EU!

Project co-funded by the European fund for regional development

We are proud to announce that our project In vitro testing of biocompatibility of biodegradable nanofibrous drug-releasing wound covers which we have been working on in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine in Plzeň of the Charles University is being co-funded by the European fund for regional development!

The focus of the project is the first stage testing of nanofibrous wound covers intended for application following tumour resection. The testing is for cytotoxicity and the ability to activate immune cells of the cover material on models of healthy mammalian cells.

In vitro testování


Filtration membrane RIFTELEN N15 in distribution!

New wine filtration membrane RIFTELEN N15 is in distribution!

Czech Visionaries award holder – nanofiber-based filtration membrane “RIFTELEN N15” from PARDAM and Filtrex is going to hit the World!

We are proud to introduce the start of distribution after successful tests of RIFTELEN N15 for wine, oil, ethanol and pharmaceutical products filtration.

The last piece in the form of the FOOD CONTACT CERTIFICATE was collected!

The first territory is Spain! We are going to filter the wine with local producers in collaboration with our distributor LEVENGER.

One of the first customers in the Czech Republic is http://vinarstvi-spevak.cz/.


          RIFTELEN-WINE-N15-65_A3_GB    RIFTELEN-WINE-N15-45_A3_GB2



PARDAM miniCatalogue 2017 for download

New miniCatalogue of all our products is now available for download!

 miniCatalogue 2017

3 patents received in 2016 _ THANK YOU

Pardam is proud to announce granting of 3 patents in 2016!

Patent No. 305958

Method of preparation of polymer conductive nanofibrous material and polymer conductive nanofibrous material

Způsob přípravy polymerního vodivého nanovlákenného materiálu a polymerní vodivý nanovlákenný materiál

Patent No. 306204  (together with AV Brno and Masaryk University Brno)

Application of inorganic nanofibers for capture of compounds with phosphate group in their structure

Použití anorganických nanovláken pro záchyt sloučenin s fosfátovou skupinou ve své struktuře

Patent No. 306370 (together with University of Pardubice – funded by ALFA project)

Method of preparation of submicron fibers of amorphous silicon oxide, and submicron fibers of amorphous silicon oxide prepared thereof

Způsob přípravy submikronových vláken amorfního oxidu křemičitého, a submikronová vlákna amorfního oxidu křemičitého připravená tímto způsobem

Patenty 2016

RIFTELEN N15 – First Nanofibrous Filtration Membrane for FOOD products on the market!

We are proud to announce introduction of RIFTELEN N15 (45/65) to the market in 2017.

This unique nanofibrous membrane has been approved for Food Contact and tested for filtration of Wine, Oil, Fried Oil, Beer and other food products).

More info will be revealed soon.



New nanofibrous SiO2 based sorbent developed !!


The PARDAM, s.r.o. company and the Center of Materials and Nanotechnologies (CEMNAT) of the Faculty of Chemical technology of the University of Pardubice have developed unique sorption material based on silicon oxide fibers.

The SiO2 fibers have a great chemical and thermal resistance, tremendous surface to volume ratio (800m2/1 gram) and show mesoporous characteristics. All these parameters make the fibers excellent sorbents e.g. for absorbing undesired air moisture which is an important process in many industries (electrical engineering, food processing, chemistry). At the same time, it is possible to easily and effectively desorb them and use them repeatedly. This material has found its use in catalytic applications, as a highly resistant battery separator or as a special chemically and thermally resistant filtration material.

SiO2 fibers (incl. the production procedure) were developed as a result of almost three-year mutual collaboration between both subjects, which was supported by Alfa project of the Technology Agency of the Czech republic (no.TA04011557)

This material is produced on an industrial scale in a modern production facility of the PARDAM s.r.o. company in Roudnice nad Labem by the centrifugal spinning technology, where the production procedure is the subject of the granted patent.

logo-UPa_small      TACR logo


Czech is Nano 2016 – Bringing Czech nanotechnology closer to the wide public

Association of the Czech Nanotechnology Industry is continuing in organization of  workshops „Czech is Nano“  in 2016.

This promoting activity is bringing Czech Nanotechnology to the wide public so people can see real products containing „nano“ and advantages „nano“ can bring to their daily life.

Czech is NANO  – CALENDAR:

16.3.2016  BRNO – Biology Park Brno, Studentská 6, Brno – Bohunice

20.4.2016 WIEN – Wirtschaftskammer Österreich / Saal 6 / Wiedner Hauptstrase 63, 104 Wien

28.5.2016 PRAHA – river Vltava – loď CARGO  (more info to come)

More Nano days will follow and schedule will be regularly updated.

more info.  www.ceskojenano.cz 


PARDAM has affiliated 2 Internship students in 2015

Jan Privitenis from Vilnius University spent his Internship at Pardam from August till October 2015. See his story.

My internship at Pardam. J.Privitenis, Vilnius University, August-November, 15′


New updated Presentation for 2016

We have prepared new and updated Presentation of our services and products for all our existing and new partners. Please feel free to contact us with your requests.


Czech Nano Asociation_follow us on facebook


Pardam is a member of the Czech Nano Association. Today it is the One Year Anniversary  of our Association. Please follow us on facebook:-)





PARDAM has prepared unique offer for all who are interested in evaluation of Nanofibrous membranes made of various special polymers (PA6, PVDF, PUR, PAN, PVB) by Centrifugal Spinning Technology. This set is designed for those who are working on development of new applications and look for alternative for Electrospun membranes.

You can order NnF MBRANE SAMPLE PACK  START or PROFI  for convenient price and promt delivery.



Czech is NANO in Liberec 2015

Second Nano Day under Czech Nanotech Association took place in Liberec on Wednesday SEPT. 23rd.

Here are some media outputs from the event.






New Head Office

Pardam informs all its partners that from July 1st we have new Head Office Address. Now you can find us at PARDAM s.r.o. Jahnova 8, Zelene Predmesti, 530 02 Pardubice. Production Facility at PARDAM s.r.o. Žižkova 2494, 413 01 Roudnice nad Labem


Pigment and Colour Science Forum 2015 and TiO2 World Summit 2015

Prague to host the co-located Pigment and Colour Science Forum 2015 and TiO2 World Summit 2015 this October. Pardam will be presenting at this event its TiO2 nanofibrous materials and its technology for Catalyst industry.



NnF CERAM as 3D li-ion battery separator

Our partner, HE3DA has just published a Press Release to inform, that first prototype of their 3D li-ion battery (using NnF CERAM in a battery separator) is successfully running and HE3DA is planning to set up a production next year.

more info:  http://www.protext.cz/zprava.php?id=23190


Internship opportunities at PARDAM

Pardam offers 4 internship opportunities for interns, vacation students and Ph.D. candidates to work in its research groups. At Pardam, we see internships as a mutually beneficial experience. Thus, any applicant who has a strong academic background, entrepreneurial spirit and serious motivation to pursue research in nanofibers or related scientific fields is welcomed to apply for a placement at Pardam. 

Click here for more info.


Entrepreneurial project of the year _ 2nd place award by Czech Invest

Pardam and its project „Introduction of industrial production of inorganic nanofibrous materials“ was awarded by Czech invest by 2nd place at the Entrepreneurial project of the year 2013. Thank you all for the support.



In December 2014, Pardam has moved into a new production facility in Roudnice nad Labem. We kindly ask all our partners to use our new address for mailing. We are now closer to Prague and to all our partners who arrive by plane or by car. We look forward to welcoming you at our new place.


R&D in the Czech Republic – leaflet by Czechinvest

Government agency CZECHINVEST has just released new Leaflet about R&D in the Czech Republic. Pardam is proud to be mentioned as one of the companies presented in this document.

more info at:  http://www.czechinvest.org/data/files/r-d-brozura-obalka-2014-en-web-96-en.pdf 


PCL nanofibers added to our product list

Pardam is introducing new polymer material PCL into its wide material portfolio. Please visit our Product section to find out more details on our new material. Feel free to get more info from us……

PARDAM develops nanofibrous materials for MATFLEXEND PROJECT

In November 2013 the project MATFLEXEND within FP7 coordinated by Fraunhofer Berlin was officially started. Pardam is proud to be apart of this unique consortium. More info at http://matflexend.eu

Within MATFLEXEND project PARDAM s.r.o. develops and optimizes Li4Ti5O12 nanofibrous materials for Li-ion batteries. Develops BTO nano-fibers (different aspect ratios) for capacitor dielectric layer. Develops Ag nanofibers and H-TiO2 nanofibers for piezoelectric harvester. Supply nanofibers to Imperial to prepare high k dielectric composites. Production technologies used in the project are Electrospinning and Forcespinning. Eventually thin polymer nanofibrous layers (~ 5 microns) meshes doped with BTO nanofibers will be developed.


Nanofibers made by Pardam included to the Material Connexion World Library

NnF CERAM and NnF MBRANE  made by Pardam have been selected by the Jury of the Material Connexion for inclusion in its Material Library of inovative materials. 

It has been assessed by a panel of creative professionals with materials experience and voted in by a majority. Our product will be displayed in Material ConneXion’s ten locations; New York, Bangkok, Beijing, Cologne, Daegu, Istanbul, Milan, Seoul, and Shanghai, and Sweden with a corresponding entry in the online database  http://materialconnexion.com

Certificate of Excellence_NnF MBRANE®    Certificate of Excellence_NnF CERAM®



New products added

Pardam is continuously extending its product portfolio of NnF CERAM and NnF MBRANE materials. In OCTOBER 2013 we have added new NnF MBRANE – PAN and PVB membranes. Also Ytria and Lantan doped Zirconia was added to the list of NnF CERAM materials. Visit our Product section to find out more about new materials.


Pardam at NANOTECH DUBAI 2013

1372295636_logo_large format 2

Pardam will be presenting its work and products at the conference NANOTECH DUBAI 2013.

28 Oct – 30 Oct 2013 | Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Our scientist Ing. Aneta Krausová will present our new materials: Yttria- and lanthanum-doped zirconium dioxide nanofibers: the efficient way to increase the specific surface area.

The technique of electrospinning and a novel technique of forcespinning were employed to fabricate yttria- and lanthanum-doped zirconium dioxide nanofibers. Solutions containing polyvinylpyrrolidone and suitable precursors of zirconium, yttrium and lanthanum ions were prepared by sol-gel method [1]. Nanofibers of zirconia and doped-zirconia dioxides were obtained by calcination at different elevated temperatures. The BET (Brunauer-Emmett-Teller) specific surface areas of these fibers were measured and compared in this paper. X-ray diffraction was used to determine the crystalline phase of the final product and the fibers were also characterized by means of SEM (scanning electron microscopy). The results confirmed that dopants effectively enhance specific surface area of the zirconium dioxide nanofibers.


Pardam at NANOCON 2013

Head of Production and R&D at Pardam Ing. Miroslav Tejkl, Ph.D. will hold a presentation at NANOCON 2013 in Brno on Oct. 17th 2013 at the SECTION B. The information on new projects related to polymeric nanofibrous membranes will be presented.

For more info visit — http://www.nanocon.eu/en/preliminary-programm/98-session-b/


Pardam at PAPN 2013 – Potential Application of Plasma and Nanomaterials

PAPN 2013

Pardam will be presenting its experiences with plasma treatment of nanofibrous materials at the conference PAPN 2013 in Liberec, September 17th 10:20 -10:40. Presentation will be provided by R&D Specialist  Ing. Jaroslava Morávková, Ph.D.


New Web, Logo and Product Portfolio introduced

Pardam is launching new web. Introduces new Logo and corporate design together with new Product Portfolio. Visit our Product section for more info.


New Product Brand names announced

Pardam has announced new product Brand Names for it products. NnF CERAM for ceramic nanofibers and NnF MBRANE for polymer nanofibers.


New R&D and Production facility opened

November 2012 – Pardam is proud to announce that New Production and R&D Facility was opened. By this action, unique Nanofiber Technology Centre was realized for development of new Nanofibrous products and materials.